Civil Mediation Council
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The Civil Mediation Council is the recognised authority in the country for all matters related to civil, commercial, workplace and other non-family mediation.

This site is intended to assist members access professional information and visitors to learn about the CMC, mediation, and how to join.


Membership and Registration

In March 2015, the CMC introduced registration for individual mediators for the first time.


Membership of the new company, CMCL, which came into operation on 1st January 2015, is open to everyone.  The CMC also became registered charity during 2015. 


CMCL has been established as a not for profit company and charity to carry forward and develop the role of the CMC as the trusted authority in mediation for England and Wales. 


As a member, you have the opportunity to shape the future direction of CMCL.


We also encourage all mediation providers and practising mediators to sign up to the registration schemes and become a Registered Mediation Provider (RMP) or a CMC Registered Mediator.


The cost of registration, including the membership fee, is £600 (£500 plus VAT) for mediation providers and £180 (£150 plus VAT) for individual mediators.  Individual mediators registering via a RMP will pay £120 (£100 plus VAT).


We are confident that CMC Registered Mediation Provider and CMC Registered Mediator status will quickly be seen by mediation users as a recognised badge of approval and a mark of quality assurance when searching for a suitable mediator.


Links to details and forms are below and can also be found on the ‘Reference’ page of this website.


Organisation Membership and CMC Registered Mediation Provider details


Individual Membership and CMC Registered Mediator details

Sir Alan Ward Letter published in the Times

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Sir Alan Ward Letter - 7th April 2016


CMC plays a key role in establishing All Party Parliamentary Group

On Tuesday 17th November 2015, a new All Party Parliamentary Group on Alternative Dispute Resolution (APPGADR) was formally launched.

The objective of the Group is to 'change the climate and culture of dispute resolution in the UK'.

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