Civil Mediation Council

The incorporation of the PMA in to the CMC

In late 2017, the Professional Mediators Association (the PMA) was incorporated into the CMC.

The PMA was set up some years ago to provide a recognised body setting standards for mediation practitioners including for their training and continuous personal development, and to provide a coherent voice for mediation. In 2017, its founding President, David Liddle, recognised that the CMC was increasingly being seen by Government and the market as the body responsible for representing civil, commercial and workplace mediation and he felt that competing merely served to weaken the voice and standing of mediation, with a better option being for the overall memberships to be part of one, rather than two organisations. David Liddle therefore initiated the incorporation of the PMA in to the CMC and sought to continue advancing the case for greater use of mediation more effectively from within the CMC thereafter.