Civil Mediation Council

Our Mission:

To inspire all sectors of society to use mediation when managing and resolving disputes

Our Values:

Excellence, Innovation & Growth, Informed Debate, Openness & Inclusion

Our Aims:


  • promote the highest standards of skill, conduct and integrity in mediation
  • enable access to high quality mediation services


  • lead the development and stimulate the growth of mediation
  • encourage continuous evaluation and research into mediation


  • engage in the key debates that influence the growth and direction of mediation
  • be a trusted and authoritative source of information about mediation
  • promote an understanding of the value and practicalities of using mediation


  • act as a link between all who are interested in mediation, in particular our members, the public, businesses, the professions and the government
  • provide a forum for individuals, organisations and others to work collaboratively on mediation topics