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On 1st January 2015 the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) became a not for profit company limited by guarantee, Civil Mediation Council Limited (CML).  This followed a decision in 2014 to establish a company to carry forward and develop the role of the CMC as the trusted authority for mediation in England and Wales, both in promoting mediation use more widely and in setting standards in which users of mediation can have confidence.  The CMC is now also a registered charity.

As a member your organisation has the opportunity to help shape the future direction of CMCL by, for example, nominating candidates and voting in the election of directors to the Board (on which six places are reserved for representatives of Registered Mediation Providers).

Membership is for the first time also open to non-mediators, reflecting the intention to involve all those who have an active interest in mediation including users, but the input and support of Registered Mediation Providers remains critical and central.

The cost of membership for any organisation is £360 per calendar year inclusive of VAT.

If your organisation provides mediation in the civil, commercial and / or workplace sectors then you are also invited to apply at the same time to register as a CMC Registered Mediation Provider (RMP).

The main requirements for registration are: adequate mediator training for panel members; adherence to an acceptable ethical code of conduct (e.g. the EU Model Code of Conduct for Mediators); appropriate insurance cover; a commitment to CPD; and a published complaints handling procedure. An RMP also has suitable and sufficient administrative arrangements in place and allocates mediators in an appropriate manner.

The main benefits of becoming a CMC Registered Mediation Provider include:

  • The right to use the description 'CMC Registered Mediation Provider' alongside the CMC logo;
  • The right to be listed as a 'CMC Registered Mediation Provider' on the CMC website 

We are confident that CMC Registered Mediation Provider status will increasingly be seen by mediation users as a recognised and useful mark of quality assurance when searching for a suitable mediator through an established mediation provider.

I very much hope that your organisation will also choose to register with the new CMC. In taking the decision to enhance its registration requirements, including the introduction of the individual registration scheme, the CMC has anticipated and reflected the growing call (from Government and the EU) for some form of at least light touch regulation to provide added public confidence in the practice and process of mediation.  It also mirrors the steps that are already being taken elsewhere, for example in family mediation. By supporting registration, and also encouraging your panel members to join the CMC and register individually, you will enable the CMC both to make a clear statement of intent in putting in place a proportionate but effective voluntary framework and to speak with renewed authority.   

As a member of the CMC you can register by completing and returning the application form together with the annual registration fee of £300 (making a total fee payable of £660 including the membership fee of £360).  Prices are inclusive of VAT.  The CMC will then carry out appropriate checks to establish whether your organisation meets the registration criteria before confirming your registration.  If your organisation provides both commercial and workplace mediation provider services you need only register once and pay a single fee.

In order to keep the administration of the individual registration scheme simple, and to avoid duplication of effort, the CMC is asking RMPs to confirm whether individual panel members applying for CMC registration meet the required criteria.  The RMP also remains responsible in the first instance for handling any complaints arising from mediations arranged through its service.  In return, RMP members pay a reduced registration fee of £30, rather than £90.  Again all prices are inclusive of VAT.

The establishment of the new CMCL operating structure, the launch of the individual registration scheme, the application for charitable status (on which we expect an outcome shortly), and the creation of a new mediation website with an increased focus on the user all form part of the steps we have been taking to ensure that the CMC is best-placed to fulfil its key role of furthering the understanding and use of mediation in resolving disputes.

As we set out on this important new phase for mediation, the CMC's efforts will be greatly strengthened by the active support of mediation providers as, in partnership, we:

  • Raise the profile and reputation of mediation in England and Wales;
  • Broaden access to mediation and secure its more widespread use;
  • Develop and regularise consistent mediation standards and quality assurance;
  • Facilitate the emergence of an effective overall framework under which mediation in England and Wales will flourish.

The capacity of the CMC to deliver this agenda, or at least to deliver it within an acceptable timescale, is closely aligned to the response we now receive from mediation providers and mediators in supporting, and constructively challenging, our efforts.  In addition to joining the new CMC, and registering, I hope that your organisation will also act as an ambassador for the CMC's work by encouraging others to follow your lead and by helping to promote the cause generally, including the individual registration scheme.

By working together we can achieve much more.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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