Co-coaching in mediation course for all mediators
Compass Resolution
London, 11 July, 24 September or 26 September

This workshop is for all mediators and conflict resolution specialists, interested in helping their clients improve the quality of their communication and reach decisions in mediation, using the Compass co-coaching model.

This is an experiential workshop based on presentation, exercises, questions and discussion. You will have the opportunity to practice your new skills and discuss your insights.

This workshop will give you the confidence to take on those ‘difficult cases’ you might otherwise think about avoiding, leaving your clients more empowered to reach decisions for themselves.


Faithful Dispute Resolution Course
1 – 5 July 2019

A CMC Registered Training Course which promotes cultural and religious awareness within mediation and mentoring, delivered by Dr Zaza Johnson Elsheik and Spenser Hilliard.


Make an Impact – International Conflict Mediation & Peacemaking
20 – 25 July, Gloucstershire

Many believe that peacemaking is reserved for formal, international institutions. However, CEDR have partnered with The Oxford Process to deliver International Peacemaking training for experienced mediators, looking to make an impact in this field.

The flexibility of individuals working internationally means they are able to move quickly and effectively in facilitating early negotiations and dialogue, preparing the foundations for peace where conflict may be developing.

Contrast this with the difficulties faced by foreign governments or regional authorities who often have to take more formal channels and build formal consensus before starting discussions.

Therefore, there is a real requirement for more individuals able and willing to step into early and strategic negotiations.

Please note this is an intensive, 5-day residential course.


SEND Mediation Training
Releasing Potential
Hampshire, 18 & 19 September

Releasing Potential’s 12-hour SEND Mediation Training Course for Mediators is available to Mediators wishing to develop their expertise in this specialist area.

Approved by the Civil Mediation Council and the College of Mediators, the course is delivered by expert practitioners based at Releasing Potential.



The purpose of this list is to enable mediators to easily find courses and events that they may find of interest and of use. Except where stated, the courses are not provided by the CMC and CMC takes no responsibility for these. The CMC will use its discretion in determining which courses and events to include, but will generally include events related to mediation and which may be of interest to our members.

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