Features of mediation


Taking a dispute to court can often destroy the relationships between participants and sometimes even their financial situation. A mediation allows the parties to quickly come to a settlement on their own terms to the benefits of everyone. This win/win scenario will save relationships, money and time.



The process of mediation allows the participants to schedule the timing to suit themselves. Mediation can be done face to face, over the phone or online – saving you time and money. Most cases are settled right on the day, allowing you to move on with your work.



Whilst going to court is a public process which carries reputational risk, mediation is a confidential process which allows parties to resolve their dispute quickly and in private.



Taking a case to court costs a lot of time, energy and money. The cost of mediation is a fraction of the fees of litigation, it is less stressful for everyone involved and resolves the conflict much quicker.