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Results – CMC Board Election 2020

CMC Board Election Results 2020

The election for two new CMC board members closed on Monday, 30th March and the results have now been independently verified.

Congratulations to Charlotte Steinfeld for being elected as an Individual Mediator and to the Association of Northern Mediators for being elected as a Registered Mediation Provider. Charlotte and the Association of Northern Mediators’ nominated representative will be CMC directors for a term of three years. Full results can been seen below.

The CMC would like to thank all the candidates for standing and for their enthusiasm for and commitment to the work of the CMC. Thank you too, to everybody who voted.

Full Results

Individual Mediator
          Peter Causton 47 votes (22.5%)
          Charlotte Steinfeld 103 votes (49.3%)
          Dave Owen 59 votes (28.2%)
          Votes tallied: 209
          Abstentions: 8


Registered Mediation Provider
          ADR Group 44 votes (22.7%)
          ADR ODR International 22 votes (11.3%)
          Association of Northern Mediators 89 votes (45.9%)
          ProMediate 39 votes (20.1%)
          Votes tallied: 194
          Abstentions: 23


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