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Mediation in Focus

All the latest episodes of the CMC Podcast

A new podcast series from the Civil Mediation Council about all things mediation, be it conflict between colleagues, companies, couples or communities.

Join hosts Martha Clarke and Mia Forbes Pirie in exploring different topics of mediation.

In the episodes titled Women in Mediation Mia Forbes Pirie interviews successful women mediators on the challenges of being female commercial mediators and how to overcome them.

with Mia Forbes Pirie and Suzanne Rab


We are fortunate enough to have Suzanne Rab joining us as part of our podcast series Women In Mediation. Suzanne is a talented commercial mediator and barrister working in her specialist areas but also with an eclectic practice based on her individual strengths. Suzanne’s story is inspiring in how she has faced adversity – both on a racial and sexual basis – but has not let that stand in her way and has persevered and found her niche and is “loving it”.

with Mia Forbes Pirie and Stephen Ruttle


On this episode of the CMC podcast Mediation in Focus we talk about the benefits of Community Mediation. Mia Forbes Pirie and Stephen Ruttle discuss why Community Mediation is so important, how to make the case to government and why the world needs more peace makers. If you enjoyed this episode please share it and subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss out on any episodes.

with Mia Forbes Pirie and Laurence Krief


Mia Forbes Pirie in conversation with Laurence Krief, a talented French mediator who has moved from family law towards commercial law. We learn about mediation in France, how and why it has grown during the pandemic and some innovative ideas for increasing the number of women in commercial mediation.

with Mia Forbes Pirie and Samantha Lowe


On this episode Mia Forbes Pirie is in conversation with Samantha Lowe, a mediator who brings over a decade experience in commercial litigation to her mediations. Samantha and Mia discuss women in mediation and how she developed a full time mediation practice in only two years.

with Mia Forbes Pirie and Jane Gunn


Mia Forbes Pirie speaks to former corporate lawyer turned writer, broadcaster and Barefoot Mediator, Jane Gunn. “Well, I have to say I do like a challenge. Somebody tells me I can’t do something, I’m determined to prove them wrong.” Jane about her early days of practising mediation.

with Mia Forbes Pirie, Zaza Johnson Elsheikh, Suzanne Tager, Maria Arpa and Susanne Schuler


On the second episode Mia Forbes Pirie hosts the CMC’s International Women’s Day – Women In Mediation panel. Listen to an insightful conversation with panellists Zaza Johnson Elsheikh, Suzanne Tager, Maria Arpa and Susanne Schuler. 

with Martha Clarke, Catriona Smith and Gill Dix


On this first episode of the CMC’s podcast host and mediator Martha Clarke interviews Catriona Smith and Gill Dix on their recent findings published in the ACAS report ‘The Cost of Conflict’.

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