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SEND Consultation and New Standards

SEND Consultation and New Standards The College of Mediators and the Civil Mediation Council hold a joint register of accredited SEND mediators. This comes about as a result of standards specific to SEND mediation practice

Upcoming CMC Working Group Dates

Upcoming CMC Working Group Dates Do you want to connect with other mediators, expand your mediation knowledge and shape the future of mediation? The CMC is inviting all interested mediators to join one of the

Mediation Settlements: How Binding Are They?

Mediation Settlements: How Binding Are They? BY CHARLIE WOODS A recent court case in New South Wales, Australia, revolved around the validity of a settlement agreement, forged after an intensive day-long mediation. The parties had

Musings of a Newly Qualified Mediator

Musings of a Newly Qualified Mediator: Leap of Faith or a Fresh Approach? Is employing newly qualified mediators a leap of faith for law firms, wonders mediator Phillip Selby in this article. He examines the

Resources for Peer Mediation Training

Resources for Peer Mediation Training Peer Mediation is conflict resolution for young people by young people, typically in an educational setting. Peer Mediators are trained in the process and skills needed to mediate between two

Mediation Techniques in Management

Mediation Techniques in Management BY CMP RESOLUTIONS What makes a great manager? This article by CMP Resolutions explores the concept of "Conversational Integrity" by Henry Mintzberg. Authentic conversations and human connections are pivotal for cultivating

Why Connecting Women Mediators Works

Why Connecting Women Mediators Works BY WOMEN MEDIATORS ACROSS THE COMMONWEALTH Recently, CEDR entered a partnership with the WMC, Women Mediators across the Commonwealth, a diverse network of female mediators. The WMC was launched in

The Myth of Mediator Neutrality

The Myth of Mediator Neutrality BY PROF BARNEY JORDAAN What if mediator neutrality isn't as clear-cut as it seems? This in-depth article by mediator and lawyer Professor Barney Jordaan questions the conventional wisdom, inviting us

Hollywood Power Couple Embraces Mediation

Hollywood Power Couple Embraces Mediation BY ARABELLA MURPHY Even in the glamorous world of Hollywood, couples face their share of challenges. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have taken a step towards resolving their dispute over

Dispute Resolution Reaches Record Demand

Dispute Resolution Reaches Record Demand BY MILLICENT MACHALL In a recent HR Magazine article, Millicent Machell reports there has been a surge in demand for dispute resolution services. Acas, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service,

“Integrated” Mediation in Small Claims

"Integrated" Mediation in Small Claims BY HENRIETTA JACKSON-STOPS Mediator and CMC Board Member Hetti Jackson-Stops reflects on the recent MoJ announcement regarding increased mediation use in the civil justice system. The MoJ plans to integrate

Are Litigants Better Served by Mediation?

Are Litigants Better Served by Mediation? BY JOHN HYDE In a recent case, Judge Paul Matthews stressed that litigants in person, individuals representing themselves in court without a lawyer, need to understand legal procedures. Their

Schools: The Playground for Learning Mediation

Schools: The Playground for Learning Mediation BY MAHMOUD ARIF AND CONSTANTIN-ADI GAVRILĂ Cultivating dialogue and conflict resolution skills in schools empowers students to build better relationships and address differences constructively. This article by Mahmoud Arif

Implementing Mediation in the NHS

The Whole Is More than the Sum of the Parts – Managing Conflict at Work BY GILL DIX Discover how East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust revolutionised their approach to conflict resolution through mediation. An Acas

Future-proofing Companies with Mediation

Future Proofing Your Business with the Skills and Tools of Mediation BY JANE GUNN Amidst economic collapse, climate change, and global tensions, businesses must embrace mediation skills to manage conflict and thrive in disruptive times,

The Onus of Honour

The Onus of Honour What does "honour" truly mean, and how do we regain it once it's lost? Stephen Shaw delves into the complexities of honourable resolutions, especially in close-knit communities, where reputation matters deeply.

Trauma-Informed Care in Mediation

Trauma-Informed Care in Mediation BY LAURA ATHENS Trauma can affect an individual's physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. In mediation, it is crucial to recognise the signs of trauma and adopt a trauma-informed approach to create

Landmark Ruling for ‘Gig’ Workers

Landmark Ruling for 'Gig' Workers BY ABIGAIL HOLT Exciting developments in employment law! The recent Court of Appeal decision in Smith v Pimlico Plumbers opens up new possibilities for 'gig' workers to claim unpaid leave

Shift your Conflict Mindset

Shift your Mindset - How to Have Positive Conflict at Work BY ALEXANDRA EFTHYMIADES Workplace conflict is a normal and inevitable occurrence, but it doesn't have to be negative. According to Alexandra Efthymiades from Consensio,

Does Mediation Have a Diversity Problem?

Does Mediation Have a Diversity Problem? BY ASHLEY MCCANN, YOUNG MEDIATORS On the Young Mediators' blog, Ashley McCann takes a critical look at CEDR's Tenth Mediation Audit. While the audit reports positive growth and impressive

Can Environmental Mediation Save the World?

Can Environmental Mediation Save the World? BY LAWRENCE KERSHEN KC, IPOS MEDIATION Conflict in our world has intensified, fueled by factors like the pandemic, restrictions, war, economic chaos, and erosion of trust. While conflict is

Mediation – The Human Element

Mediation – The Human Element BY HELEN CURTIS, GARDEN COURT MEDIATION Read this interesting article written by Helen Curtis, examining the role of mediation in cases involving individuals lacking mental capacity. The research highlights the

A Moment on Mediation

A Moment on Mediation BY HARRY SPURR Harry Spurr, mediator and CMC member, has started his new podcast 'A Moment on Mediation'. In each episode, he shares concise yet valuable insights into the world of

Planning a Constructive Confrontation Strategy

Planning a Constructive Confrontation Strategy: Understanding the Relationship between Negotiation and Power   BY HEIDI AND GUY BURGESS Discover the dynamic relationship between negotiation and power. Social scientists Heidi and Guy Burgess explore a threefold

How to Give, Receive and Ask for Feedback

How to Give, Receive and Ask for Feedback   BY DR ANDRZEJ GROSSMAN Feedback plays a pivotal role in building high-performing teams and organisations. Dr Andrzej Grossman highlights the significance of feedback in driving innovation,

Family Mediation or Financial Penalties

Family Mediation or Financial Penalties   BY GAVIN SCOTT, THE LAW SOCIETY GAZETTE In the effort of protecting children from the damaging impact of bitter courtroom battles, the Ministry of Justice has announced plans to

Embedding Mediation in the NHS

Embedding Mediation in the NHS Conflicts at work can be stressful, but in the healthcare industry, they can be even more complicated. That is why University College London Hospital's Mediation Coordinator, Jenny Owen, is making

Mediation Insights with Rebecca Attree

Mediation Insights with Rebecca Attree   BY REBECCA ATTREE "Mediation can reach parts of a settlement of the dispute that other dispute resolution methods cannot." says mediator Rebecca Attree in her short video about potential

Dealing with the 74%

Dealing with the 74%   BY REBECCA CLARK According to a recent survey 74% of people feel so stressed they have been unable to cope, says Rebecca Clark, mediator at IPOS Mediation and Chair of

Mediation Webinar with Henrietta Jackson-Stops

Mediation Webinar with Henrietta Jackson-Stops   HENRIETTA JACKSON-STOPS & YOUNG MEDIATORS The Young Mediators are hosting an exclusive session with Henrietta Jackson-Stops, accomplished mediator and board member of the Civil Mediation Council, to discuss the

Listen to ‘Mediation Matters’

Listen to 'Mediation Matters'   BY ADAM GERSCH Have you ever wondered how meditation can make the world a better place? Check out 'Mediation Matters', a podcast by Adam Gersch, Founder and CEO of Global

The Case for Family Mediation

The Case for Family Mediation   BY SONIA ROLA "Mediate to Save Time, Money and Frustrations" says senior associate Sonia Rola from Buckles Solicitors. In her article about family mediation she presents strong points for

Mediation Offer in Teacher Pay Dispute

Mediation Offer in Teacher Pay Dispute   BY MATILDA MARTIN Have you heard about the teacher pay dispute? In this article Matilda Martin writes about how the government rejected an offer of conciliation talks with

David Richbell Scholarships

David Richbell Scholarships Remembering David Richbell: Two Scholarships for the Online LLM in Mediation and International Commercial Dispute Resolution The late David Richbell was a prominent figure in the mediation community for many years, and

First Meeting of the Academic Forum

First Meeting of the Academic Forum   REPORT BY VICTORIA HARRIS The CMC has launched a new Academic Forum to support mediation initiatives within Higher Education. The first Forum meeting was held on the 9

Couple at War with Their Neighbours

Couple at War with Their Neighbours   BY NATASHA ANDERSON An ongoing legal battle between a couple in Suffolk and their neighbours over a newly erected six-foot fence has lead to claims of obstruction and
Making Mediation Mandatory

Making Mediation Mandatory

Making Mediation Mandatory   BY AMELIA NICE "What are the benefits of making mediation mandatory?" asks Amelia Nice, bringing a barrister's perspective to the issue. The debate about compulsory mediation has been around for some

Supervising Mediation Practice Matters

Supervising Mediation Practice Matters   BY TONY WHATLING Why does the supervision of mediation practice matter? Author and mediator Tony Whatling explains the origins of PPC in this in-depth article. As a founding members of
No Disputing That Podcast Gregory Hunt

No Disputing That – A New Podcast

No Disputing That - A New Podcast   BY GREGORY HUNT Have you listened to Gregory Hunt's podcast 'No Disputing That'? In the series, he sits down with his guests to discuss mediation, arbitration and
Embedding ADR in the Civil Justice System

Embedding ADR in the Civil Justice System

Embedding ADR in the Civil Justice System   BY PROFESSOR PABLO CORTÉS Professor Pablo Cortés, winner of the ADR Academic Researcher of the Year Award at the National Mediation Awards 2022, recently published an article

The CMC Sets Up Three Working Groups

The CMC Sets Up Three Working Groups The charitable objects of the Civil Mediation Council are; ‘to be a neutral and independent body set up for the benefit of the public to promote the resolution
Mediation technique - Shuttle Mediation - Andy Rogers CEDR

Find the Space for Shuttle Mediation

Find the Space for Shuttle Mediation   BY ANDY ROGERS Is there one correct way to conduct a mediation? Maybe not, as different conflicts, situations and participants require an individual approach. Each and every mediator
Noisy neighbours and mediation

How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours?

How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours?   BY METRO SCIENCE REPORTER Noisy neighbours can put a strain on any household. "Stomping feet and dropping objects are the main cause of complaints in flat blocks and
IPOS Mediation Seminar Cayman Islands

IPOS Mediation Seminar

IPOS Mediation Seminar   BY HETTI JACKSON-STOPS, REBECCA ATTREE AND CHARLES GORDON IPOS mediators Charles Gordon, Rebecca Attree and Hetti Jackson-Stops recently hosted a seminar at the Cayman International Mediation and Arbitration Centre. Find out

Scottish Mediation Conference

Scottish Mediation Conference   BY GRAHAM BOYACK The CMC’s Scottish counterpart Sottish Mediation recently held their first in person conference in 3 years. Graham Boyack reflects on the sessions focusing on listening, learning and reflecting.

No Mediation Without Cooperation?

No Mediation Without Cooperation?   BY EMMA JENKINGS "The thing with mediation – or just difficult conversations in general – is that you need all relevant people to want to engage with the process." says

Abandoning Assumptions in Conflict

Abandoning Assumptions in Conflict   BY CINNIE NOBLE "Reflecting on and checking out our assumptions – the perspectives and views we choose – helps us become more masterful at managing conflict" says Cinnie Noble in

When Mediators Make Mistakes

When Mediators Make Mistakes   BY ROSEMARY HOWELL Are all mistakes valuable, asks Rosemary Howell in her recent article on the Kluwer Mediation Blog. "I don’t need to be enthusiastic or excited when I am

Prioritising Mental Health at Work

Prioritising Mental Health at Work   BY EMILY LUMBARD A big part of whether we thrive at work is our mental health. Emily Lumbard explains in her recent ACAS article that we need to learn

Avoiding Impasse in Mediation

Avoiding Impasse in Mediation   BY AVA ABRAMOWITZ Parties have often reached impasse by the time they get to mediation. Why is it any different if impasse occurs during a session? Is it possible the

How Do I Begin?

How Do I Begin?   BY REBECCA ATTREE AND JOANNA GOSLING "Where do you want to get to today?" is the 'go to' opening question that mediator Rebecca Attree from IPOS Mediation asks her clients.

Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough!   BY EMMA JENKINGS Have you ever had a conflict and thought: "Enough is Enough!"? Workplace mediator and conflict coach Emma Jenkings from Mosaic Mediation shares her thoughts on "How to know

The Art of Verbal Communication

The Art of Verbal Communication   BY AMANDA BUCKLOW AND REBECCA ATTREE "Voice. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you consider what makes a successful mediation, is it? Yet a mediator’s

Letter to A Young Mediation Enthusiast

Letter to A Young Mediation Enthusiast   BY TING-KWOK IU "One of the most valuable life lessons in mediation for the mediators is how to be non-judgemental." reads Ting-Kwok IU article on the Kluwer blog.

Finding Tranquility Through Mediation

Finding Tranquility Through Mediation   BY ANTHONY MUNDAY "I regard mediation as a therapeutic process. It is my professional responsibility to ensure that it takes place in ‘a safe space‘ for all participants." says mediator

The Barefoot Mediator

The Barefoot Mediator   BY IAN DABORN & JANE GUNN In this interview Ian Daborn speaks to former corporate lawyer turned writer, broadcaster and Barefoot Mediator, Jane Gunn. "I went into becoming a commercial mediator

International Congress for All Mediations

2nd International Congress for All Mediations in Angers   BY NICOLAS FOURNIER Nicolas Fournier, Deputy Chair of the Civil Mediation Council, represented the organisation at the 2nd International Congress for All Mediations in Angers, France.
Workplace Mediation Surgery

CMC Workplace Mediation Surgery

CMC Workplace Mediation Surgery   BY CAROLINE SHERIDAN The CMC Workplace Group hosted a free Mediation Surgery with a panel of experienced workplace and employment mediators who will answer your questions. The event was a
What Makes Mediation Work

How to Make Mediation Work

How to Make Mediation Work   BY STEPHEN SHAW, LAWYER MONTHLY Accredited mediator and part-time judge Stephen Shaw offers his perspective on what makes mediation work in this Lawyer Monthly article. He says: "When the
What Makes an Apology Meaningful

The Meaningful Apology

The Meaningful Apology   BY DAVID HOSSACK AND CAROLYN HIRST, MORTON FRASER In his mediation podcast 'Stuck in the Middle', Morton Fraser's David Hossack speaks to expert mediator and researcher Carolyn Hirst on the topic
Mediation and Neurodiversity

Mediation and Neurodiversity

Mediation and Neurodiversity   BY AMANDA BUCKLOW, IPOS MEDIATION Prompted by a recent conference visit Amanda Bucklow explains why mediation is the right choice for neurodivergent such as autistic people, ADHD or dyslexic. She says:
How to Prepare for Workplace Mediation

How to Prepare for Workplace Mediation

How to Prepare for Workplace Mediation   BY TONY MUNDAY, LAWYER MONTHLY Workplace mediation is a great tool to quickly and effectively resolve conflicts. "When planning to engage in workplace mediation, what should parties and

CMC Response to MoJ Consultation

CMC Response to MoJ Consultation The CMC has responded to the MoJ's consultation on increasing use of mediation in the civil justice system. Thank you to all members who helped the CMC shape its response
Woman with her hand raised in a seminar

Becoming a Mediator

Becoming a Mediator   BY CMP RESOLUTIONS CMP Resolutions explains why mediation training sometimes surprises the participants. They may be skilled in problem solving and leadership but being a mediator sometimes requires unlearning certain behaviours.
Smiling business woman in conversation sitting at a desk with a man

Mediation at the Grassroots: Kenya

Mediation at the Grassroots: Kenya   BY NJOKI NYANJUI In Kenya, mediation is not a new concept. It was traditionally used to settle disputes, says mediator Njoki Nyanjui. With the number of cases filed at
Two men in an office in a conflict

Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room   BY STEPHEN SHAW How do you approach a conflict? Do you face it head on, risking to come to blows with the other person? Or do you try to avoid

Mediation Today Podcast

Mediation Today Podcast   BY VESNA FLOWER CVJETICANIN On her podcast Mediation Today Australian mediator Vesna Flower Cvjeticanin welcomes a range of international guests from the mediation world. They speak about conflict, the power of

Is mediating like writing?

Is mediating like writing?   BY MARC REID Is writing a book like mediation? In his latest blog post Marc Reid shares his thoughts on this comparison. "With the book you get into your flow

Bullying Employment Tribunals Up by 44%

Bullying Employment Tribunals Up by 44%   BY CMP RESOLUTIONS There’s been 44% leap in the number of employment tribunals that involve allegations of bullying which is a news high. In this article CMP Resolutions

MoJ Consultation – CMC Members’ Session

CMC Response to MoJ Consultation The Civil Mediation Council (CMC) welcomes the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) consultation into compulsory mediation for small claims - up to £10,000. The CMC has been campaigning for automatic referral
Group of employees looking at a laptop together - Transforming workplace culture

How to Truly Transform Culture

How to Truly Transform Cultures Empathy   BY ROBYN MARSH For an organisation to thrive it needs a good workplace culture. "Is our culture 'good'?" asks Robyn Marsh from TCM: "How do we ensure that

Different Types of Mediation

Different Types of Mediation   BY ADR TIMES There are different types of mediation that can be implemented depending on the situation. A skilled mediator will always choose the style to best fit them and
Lawyer showing paperwork to clients only hands visible

Should You Accept the Settlement?

Should You Accept the Settlement?   BY STEPHEN BATE Two parties have a falling out and call in their lawyers. Both sides argue that they are right. "Each side’s version of events cannot be true.

Mediation Matters

Mediation Matters - Finding Tranquility Through Mediation   BY ANTHONY MUNDAY Tony Munday gives a great description of how he approaches mediations. He explains how he creates a safe space for all participants and why
Three construction workers at a job site one pointing up the other holding blueprints

Mediation in the Construction Sector

Mediation in the Construction Sector How do complex disputes in the construction sector profit from mediation? CEDR Mediator Amrik Kandola talks about how disputes were traditionally solved in the construction sector and why mediation is

The Value of Workplace Mediation

The Value of Workplace Mediation   BY DANIEL BARNETT AND ANTHONY SENDALL In this podcast Daniel Barnett and Anthony Sendall discuss the value of workplace mediation. What does mediation bring to the table, when is

Do You Have Time to Litigate?

Beware the Client Who Is too Busy to Litigate   BY WILL SEFTON Litigation can not only have significant costs for the parties but also require a big time commitment. Will Sefton explains how clients

What Is the Price For Peace?

What Is the Price For Peace?   BY REBECCA ATTREE Every negotiation can be settled for the right 'price'. This may be monetary but it could also be something far from fiinancial. So what is

London Legal Walk 2022

London Legal Walk 2022   ORGANISED BY THE LONDON LEGAL SUPPORT TRUST Two-thirds of the UK population don't know how to get legal advice and 14 million people who live in poverty can't afford to
Group of children in school having a discussion

How Kids Handle Conflict

How Kids Handle Conflict How can kids find creative ways to handle conflict? Peer Mediation puts children in charge of solving conflicts among their peers. Watch this video to see mediator training in action when
Stressed or frustrated construction worker at a jobsite wearing an orange helmet with his head resting in his hands

Preventing Work-related Stress

Preventing Work-related Stress   BY CAROLINE BRADSHAW Prolonged work-related stress can impact our physical and mental health. Even before the pandemic, says Caroline Bradshaw from ACAS, mental health issues cost UK employers up to £45

The Spark – Building Rapport

The Spark - Building Rapport   BY BBC4 RADIO From suspected terrorists to uncooperative toddlers, forensic psychologist Emily Alison explains how building rapport can help you achieve better outcomes to your conversations. On The Spark

The Results Are In!

The Results Are In! The CMC Board election results are in. Martha Clarke and CEDR, currently represented by Andy Rogers, have been re-elected. The CMC has held its annual Board of Directors Election for 2022.
Young woman at laptop smiling at the camera group of people behind her

Challenging Mediation Myths

Challenging Mediation Myths   BY DR CLARE SIEBER FROM THE MEDICAL MEDIATION FOUNDATION Dr. Clare Sieber from the Medical Mediation Foundation sets out to challenge common mediation myths. In response to a study of lawyers'
Property agent holding out a set of housekeys only his hand is visible

Dispute Resolution in Property Conflicts

Dispute Resolution in Property Conflicts   BY PROPERTYMARK "Making ‘alternative’ dispute resolution mandatory has real potential for a positive culture shift in relationships between agents and landlords" says Propertymark. The membership organisation for property agents
Three people at desk in a row looking critical and a little bored

Why Lawyers Don’t Use Mediation

Why Lawyers Don’t Use Mediation   BY DAVID HOSSACK AND LAURA MCKENNA Authors David Hossack and Laura McKenna are on a quest to encourage the use of mediation among lawyers. Why are some lawyers averse

How Assertiveness Can Prevent Arguments

How Assertiveness can Prevent Arguments   BY EMMA JENKINGS Are you assertive in conversations? Mediator Emma Jenkings from Mosaic Mediation examines how assertiveness often gets a negative reputation but can actually prevent arguments. What skills

Are You Ready for LIDW 2022?

Are you ready for LIDW 2022?   LONDON INTERNATIONAL DISPUTES WEEK 2022 London International Disputes Week 2022 begins today with a week full of exciting panels and sessions. The annual event is an opportunity for

Solving Conflict Among Peers

Solving Conflict Among Peers   Peer Mediators are children who help other students address challenging issues including name-calling, bullying and fights. This video shows a school that has been rated as ‘outstanding for behaviour and

Getting Along With Your Neighbour?

Getting Along With Your Neighbour?   BY ALEX CANDLIN According to the Westmorland Gazette a recent survey revealed that 60% of UK adults have had a dispute with a neighbour that left them feeling negatively

Breaking The Taboo About Grief

Breaking The Taboo About Grief   BY TRACEY TAYLOR-HUCKFIELD "As a society we still have a long way to go when it comes to feeling comfortable talking about and supporting each other through grief." says

The Better Conflicts Audio Experience

The Better Conflicts Audio Experience   Have you listened to CEDR's podcast The Better Conflicts Audio Experience? Listen to their series Ask a Negotiator with former hostage and crisis negotiator Philip Williams or join workplace

Peacemaking and Mediation

Peacemaking and Mediation   BY SUSANNE SCHULER "When we look at the purpose of both peacemaking and mediation, we can see that they aim for similar outcomes" says intercultural mediator Susanne Schuler. She asks how

Should You Care if It’s Fair?

Should You Care if It's Fair?   BY GARY WEBBER Using the example of two brothers at a mediation Gary Webber examines our inherent sense of fairness. "It is a basic human need." he says.

Managing Relationship Risk on Projects

Managing Relationship Risk on Projects   BY DR ANDRZEJ GROSSMAN "We are dangerously biased towards optimism in plans, projects and estimates" says Dr Andrzej Grossman from CEDR. He believes we often underestimating time, costs and

Huge Costs in 17-inch Boundary Dispute

Huge costs in 17-inch boundary dispute   BY NEIL ROSE "Judge bemoans huge costs of 17-inch boundary dispute" headlines Legal Futures in their recent article. The judge said it was beyond his comprehension how the
Young woman holding out a flat hand to the camera to say stop

Are You Avoiding Conflict?

Are you avoiding conflict?   "Disagreeing is something most people avoid whenever possible." says Amy Gallo in her TED Talk. She shares how staying silent can be damaging, and how speaking up when you disagree
Smiling business woman talks to her colleague stretching one arm out to him

More Dialogue, Less Interrupting

More dialogue, less interrupting   "All significant things that happen in an organisation are underpinned by, and reliant on, communication or dialogue." says Mark Lovatt from the TCM Group. He encourages us to listen just
Smiling boy sitting on the floor amongst other children having a discussion

Training Peer Mediators

Training Peer Mediators   "If we get into an argument we know how to solve it without it turning into a big problem." says one of the Peer Mediators trained to resolve conflicts in her
Man looking at laptop screen where a video conference is playing

Sharing Mediator Experiences

Sharing Mediator Experiences   For his series Mediator Experience Vikram Singh interviews Brasilian mediator Gabriela Assmar who is a Weinstein JAMS International Fellow. They discuss the global mediation landscape, Disney movie 'Soul' and the research
Business woman speaking in meeting to other participants

5 Stages of Grief in Mediation

5 stages of grief in mediation   Gary Webber gives insight into why mediations sometimes go on for a full day before an agreement is reached. He explains: "Those experienced in mediation know that the
Woman sitting at desk placing her hand between a row of dominos and stopping it from falling

Early Intervention in Conflict

Early intervention in conflict   The cost of conflict to UK employers is £28.5 billion – or £1,000 for each employee. Are grievances the right way forward? Mediator Camilla Palmer explains that early intervention in
Business man holding a finger to his lips and pointing with his other hand

Myth-Busting Mediation

Myth-Busting Mediation   "What do you know about mediation?" asks mediator Emma Jenkings from Mosaic Mediation. In this article she answers questions about what mediation is, what it can do and how it can help

Making Mediation Sexy?

Making Mediation Sexy?   "Mediation has been called the 'hard problem' of the culture war." meaning peaceful resolution is not as interesting as conflict and battles in court. In this interview Diane Musho Hamilton and

Upcoming CMC Conference

Upcoming CMC Conference   The annual CMC conference will take place on the afternoons of 10 & 11 November as an online event accessible to all. It is the first co-conference with the College of Mediators and has the

Personal Injury and Mediation: A Future

  Personal Injury and Mediation: A Future   “Bringing a personal injury claim is a long, risky, expensive, and traumatic process for all parties.” says mediator Richard Kaye. In his experience claims are often brought

How to deal with toxic workplaces

How to deal with toxic workplaces   Have you ever found yourself in a hostile work environment? Personalities in any workplace will occasionally clash, says experienced business psychologist and mediator Clive Lewis. But how do

The NMA 2020 Winners

The National Mediation Awards 2020 awards ceremony was a great success and the CMC is thrilled to congratulate all the winners. The digital event was hosted by compère Mr. David Leckie who did a fantastic

National Mediation Awards 2020 Shortlists

We are delighted to announce the shortlists for the 2020 National Mediation Awards. Watch our videos to find out who has been shortlisted in each category! Young Mediator, Family Mediator, SEND Mediator and Mediation Newcomer 

In the midst of chaos there is opportunity

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Especially in businesses and organisations where people have different values and opinions while working together in stressful situations. “But how can you handle conflict better?” asks Martha Clarke,

Features of mediation

  Taking a dispute to court can often destroy the relationships between participants and sometimes even their financial situation. A mediation allows the parties to quickly come to a settlement on their own terms to

Facts about mediation

A 2018 study by CEDR shows that the commercial mediation profession saved businesses around £3 billion a year in wasted management time, damaged relationships, lost productivity and legal fees. Instead of taking a dispute to

How Can You Mediate Without Meeting?

“Mediation is an extremely versatile settlement tool that can be used in a variety of different settings.” says Chris Robinson who specialises on intellectual property disputes. His practical advice applies to any case in civil

Mediate before you litigate!

“Mediate before you litigate!” demands Tom Thomas OBE, the Deputy Chair of the Civil Mediation Council, in this interesting article. While many peoples the first urge might be to take their dispute to court, this

Reinforcing and Developing Resilience

Reinforcing and Developing Resilience "How can we build inner strength through resilience?" asks mediator Susan Blum in her article, emphasising the critical need for resilience during crises. Inspired by Darwin's adaptability concept, she highlights the