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All the latest news, stories, top tips and more from the CMC and our mediators

Upcoming CMC Conference

Upcoming CMC Conference   The annual CMC conference will take place on the afternoons of 10 & 11 November as an online event accessible to all. It is the first co-conference with the College of Mediators and has the

Personal Injury and Mediation: A Future

  Personal Injury and Mediation: A Future   “Bringing a personal injury claim is a long, risky, expensive, and traumatic process for all parties.” says mediator Richard Kaye. In his experience claims are often brought

How to deal with toxic workplaces

How to deal with toxic workplaces   Have you ever found yourself in a hostile work environment? Personalities in any workplace will occasionally clash, says experienced business psychologist and mediator Clive Lewis. But how do

The NMA 2020 Winners

The National Mediation Awards 2020 awards ceremony was a great success and the CMC is thrilled to congratulate all the winners. The digital event was hosted by compère Mr. David Leckie who did a fantastic

National Mediation Awards 2020 Shortlists

We are delighted to announce the shortlists for the 2020 National Mediation Awards. Watch our videos to find out who has been shortlisted in each category! Young Mediator, Family Mediator, SEND Mediator and Mediation Newcomer 

In the midst of chaos there is opportunity

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Especially in businesses and organisations where people have different values and opinions while working together in stressful situations. “But how can you handle conflict better?” asks Martha Clarke,

Features of mediation

  Taking a dispute to court can often destroy the relationships between participants and sometimes even their financial situation. A mediation allows the parties to quickly come to a settlement on their own terms to

Facts about mediation

A 2018 study by CEDR shows that the commercial mediation profession saved businesses around £3 billion a year in wasted management time, damaged relationships, lost productivity and legal fees. Instead of taking a dispute to

How Can You Mediate Without Meeting?

“Mediation is an extremely versatile settlement tool that can be used in a variety of different settings.” says Chris Robinson who specialises on intellectual property disputes. His practical advice applies to any case in civil

Mediate before you litigate!

“Mediate before you litigate!” demands Tom Thomas OBE, the Deputy Chair of the Civil Mediation Council, in this interesting article. While many peoples the first urge might be to take their dispute to court, this