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Online or Offline: Comparing Methods of Mediation

Online or Offline: Comparing Methods of Mediation


Dr. Mike Talbot from UK Mediation hosted an informative webinar on the topic of ‘Online or Offline: Comparing Methods of Mediation’ and shared the recording online. Viewers gain insights into the effectiveness of online and face-to-face mediation, explore the pros and cons for different types of disputes, and discover key considerations for mediators. The recording offers a valuable resource for enhancing mediation skills and making informed choices.

Due to a number of contributing factors, we are still seeing a signification portion of our mediation work being delivered online. As a result, we often get asked the question, “Does it work as well as the traditional method of getting people together in a room?”

This free webinar looks at the choice between online and face-to-face mediation for the resolution of a dispute. Dr Mike Talbot explores the pros and cons in relation to types of dispute, and considers whether one method is truly more optimal than the other.

As part of the presentation, we look at clips from simulated disputes carried out online and face-to-face, with Mike highlighting key differences in the models that we use. Mike also points out key considerations that dispute resolvers should be aware of when mediating via video conferencing or in a room together.

The presentation ends with a Q+A session, where attendees can submit questions for answering.

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