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Who are the CMC

Civil Mediation Council

The Civil Mediation Council is the largest registering organisation for mediation in England and Wales and many of the country’s top mediators are CMC members.

We believe that the whole of society will benefit from the greater use of mediation. This is why the CMC is a UK charity where all Board and Working Group members are volunteers who stand to make no personal gain from their work.

The CMC is a membership organisation, providing the public with a list of qualified mediators. Your mediator’s CMC registered status guarantees that they will have undertaken an approved training, follow a professional code of conduct and are committed to continued professional development. Your mediator will also have a complaints process in place and is insured against any legal claims.

Our Mission

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC) was set up in the early 2000’s, and since then it has been our mission to provide resolution of conflicts and disputes by encouraging the use of mediation and educating the public on what mediation is and how mediation can help.

Our Service

As a registered charity one of our primary purposes is to provide the public with a trusted directory of mediators across various areas including workplace, civil and commercial, community, education and more. With over 700 mediators the CMC covers the whole of England and Wales.  All CMC mediators have provided relevant documentation stating their training and qualifications to ensure the public have access to the best mediators.

Our Expertise

The CMC liaises with government, the Civil Justice Council, different mediation organisations, employers and other stakeholders to promote mediation as an effective means of conflict resolution and address issues of concern within the mediation process. We keep our members of the CMC abreast of developments in mediation, the mediation process and its place in the settling of arguments in a constructive, non-confrontational manner outside of the legal system.