Welcome to the Civil Mediation Council’s search facility where you can find a professional mediator. All the individual mediators and mediators on panels offered by mediation providers listed here have completed recognised training courses, abide by a recognised Code of Practice, are appropriately insured, undertake annual continuous professional development and offer access to a complaints service if necessary, and so will provide you with an assured dispute resolution service.

The search facility covers both individual mediators and mediation providers and the advice below is to help you decide how best to use it.

If you would like to discuss your dispute directly with an individual mediator, for example one you know or have heard of and would like to use, you can search by the initial of their surname or by your post code to find your known mediator or any other of our mediators in your local area.

However, if you are unsure about selecting a mediator and would welcome some advice and assistance with doing so, you can search for the mediation providers covering your area and approach them for help. Mediation providers will discuss the nature of your dispute with you and then identify one or more of the appropriately experienced and skilled mediators on their panel for you to choose from and assist you in the initial stages of making contact with the one of your choice.

If the value of your case is under £50,000 you may wish to consider instructing a mediator or provider which offers mediation under a Fixed Fee Scheme.

Please note that both parties will need to agree to mediate and it is helpful to have agreed this before you approach a mediator.

If you are unable to use the search facility or encounter difficulty in doing so, please contact us.

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