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SEND Register - Information for Mediators

SEND mediators, who meet the requirements for training and practice (see Professional Standards), may apply for accreditation and membership of either the College of Mediators (CoM) or the Civil Mediation Council (CMC). All accredited SEND mediators who are members of either CoM or CMC will be included in the register of SEND mediators.

The register for accredited mediators is jointly maintained by CoM and CMC and is available to view.

If you are interested in training as a SEND Mediator and have already carried out a foundation mediation course that meets the stated requirements, you can train as a SEND mediator by completing an approved SEND course. Before registering, you will also need to carry our supported practice. Some training providers offer this alongside their training – please contact the providers for more details.

If you have recently completed SEND mediation training and you have also completed the supported practice element and now wish to apply for accreditation, please download the relevant form, Form 4.

To be included in the register, you will also need to be a member of either CoM or the CMC. If you are already a member of one of these, please contact that organisation to apply for accreditation, sending in your completed Form 4 to either the CMC or CoM as appropriate.

If you are not already a member of CoM or the CMC please apply for membership of either, using the following links:

For full details of how to register as an accredited SEND mediator, please read the full standards document linked above. If you have any queries once reading the standards, please contact either CoM / the CMC.

A transition scheme for existing SEND mediators who wished to apply for passporting to accreditation when SEND register was introduced ended on 30 September 2019, except for mediators who were unable to apply before because, for example, they were on parental leave or working abroad. If you wish to apply for passporting on these grounds, please download the relevant form, Form 5 and send this to the CoM / CMC, explaining why you were unable to apply before 30 September 2019.

Training Approval

The SEND mediation standards also cover approval of SEND mediation training provisions. Training providers wishing to deliver courses that will enable mediators to become SEND accredited must be approved by CoM or the CMC, through the assessor panel.

For full details or to apply for approval of your SEND mediation training course, please read the full standards document linked above and contact the CMC or CoM as appropriate.