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Training Courses

Initial Mediation Training Courses & Registration in Additional Categories

Initial Mediation Training Courses

To become a mediator, you must attend a mediation training course.

The following organisations offer CMC Registered training courses which can lead to CMC Registered status (see here for all of the registration requirements). Please note the rules regarding online training during the coronavirus pandemic.

Academy of Experts
ADR-ODR International
ADR Group
Align Mediation
Clear ADR
CMP Solutions – Workplace Course
Essential Mediation Solutions
Hunt ADR
London School of Mediation
M & D Associates
National Dispute Resolution
Phoenix Dispute Solutions
Pragmatism (UK) Ltd – Workplace Course
Radanks Ltd. UK
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Society of Mediators
University of Central Lancashire

Registration in Additional Categories

Mediators can register in either Civil/Commercial or Workplace categories, according to their training and experience.

It is possible for a mediator registered in one category to register in the other, if certain conditions are met:

– mediators registered in one category but already experienced in the second category should send in their CVs, if asking to transfer on the basis of work already done; or

– mediators registered in one area and newly trained in the other, can register if they have attended a suitable training course and completed three observations in the new area.

Such applications are sent to two members of the Registration and Standards Committee who will decide if the experience/training was sufficient for the additional registered status to be conferred.

Suitable conversion courses for Civil/Commercial mediators to become Workplace mediators must:

Consist of a minimum of 8 hours’ training in person* , and a minimum of 3 hours pre or post course work/reading/preparation

Set the context of workplace vs civil/commercial mediation e.g. power imbalance, how to deal with confidentiality

Include some role play exercises/feedback

Include training about settlement agreements


* As a result of coronavirus, a temporary change has been made to the criterion that the course should be delivered in person, allowing these courses to be delivered online until the end of March 2021.