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Peacemaking and Mediation

Peacemaking and Mediation


“When we look at the purpose of both peacemaking and mediation, we can see that they aim for similar outcomes” says intercultural mediator Susanne Schuler. She asks how can skills, learnt In commercial mediation and negotiation, be applied In peacemaking?

When we look at the essence and purpose of both Peacemaking and ‘Traditional’ Mediation, we can see that they aim for similar outcomes:

Seeking to achieve – ideally full – reconciliation amongst the parties or adversaries, and, creating – in some cases, a completely new – mutual understanding amongst parties and stakeholders.

Professor Johan Galtung, states, that in Peacemaking and Peacekeeping, there are two different types of peace – Negative and Positive. This also applies to mediation outcomes. There are some conflicts, where one can just about negotiate a truce, an end to the escalation. And, there are other conflicts, where the parties are willing to go further, toward a true reconciliation that includes putting an action plan in place prescribing how to maintain and nurture a constructive conflict culture. As a savvy mediator, you need to master an array of skills, borrowed from different realms, to support and challenge the parties effectively, ready to face either process.

Here are five examples from peace mediators and the skills they used.

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