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Inspiring Women in Mediation – International Women’s Day 2024

Inspiring Women in Mediation – International Women’s Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day 2024! Today we are paying tribute to all the inspiring women in mediation. We have received many wonderful nominations and words of appreciation for the women who shape the mediation profession.
Read powerful statements about women in mediation who inspire, empower and tirelessly show up every day!
Alison Love

Alison Love nominated by Naomi Headland

Alison walked away from a law firm partnership and traditional employment to make the leap, truly believing mediation and positive conflict resolution are essential to making a tangible positive impact in the workplace. She is a natural mentor who consistently supports and inspires other women and works hard to empower them into maximising opportunities within the conflict resolution sphere and beyond. She truly believes we are ‘stronger together’.

“She truly believes we are stronger together.”

Alison Orsten nominated by Victoria Harris

Alison Orsten has been volunteering for Mediation Hertfordshire for 17 years and her commitment has never wavered. Her concern for those in conflict has led to her undertaking countless cases pro bono to help resolve disputes in communities and within families. The level of her engagement and the kindness that she brings to the role, make her an inspiring community mediator.

Alison Orsten
Arabella Tresilian 2

Arabella Tresilian nominated by Martha Clarke

Arabella has taken the lead in bringing mediation to people living with a health condition, disability or life limiting illness. She champions the need to consider the mental health issues and freely shares her knowledge in this area with fellow mediators. I am truly inspired by her approach and generosity of spirit and feel she has contributed a great deal to the world of mediation. Kind, measured, sensitive, perceptive – just a few words of feedback I’ve heard about Arabella.

Audrey Dorival

Audrey embodies dedication spanning two decades in special educational needs and disability mediation. Her impact resonates profoundly with families and professionals she has supported through emotionally charged disputes and difficult conversations. Her work provides a safe space where voices can be heard and people feel listened to. At the core of Audrey’s work lies an unwavering belief in the transformative power of listening.

Eilleen Carroll

Eileen Carroll QC (Hon) nominated by Andy Rogers

Eileen is one of the pioneers of mediation in the UK and Europe. She has mediated disputes involving banks, insurance companies, media, multinationals, sovereign states and private individuals in the UK and internationally. Eileen has over 25 years’ experience as a practising mediator, making her one of the most senior and highly regarded mediators in the country.

Emma Jenkings nominated by Sarah Bays

Emma is an experienced mediator with a successful practice and a young family, yet she always has time to encourage and support others. From the very beginning she offered me support and encouragement for no personal gain whatsoever. I have huge appreciation for Emma setting such a great example and being so generous with her time. She has inspired me to pass it on and offer other mediators the benefit of my own experience and support when the time comes!

“She has inspired me to pass it on and offer other mediators the benefit of my own experience and support when the time comes!”

Emma McAndry nominated by Alexander Christian, Alex Wilks, Dawn Stainer, Debbie Francis, Prof Jane Bryan, Leyla Shahbazova and Suzie Prax

Emma’s ability to promote open communication and collaboration is like a lightbulb that illuminates the path towards conflict resolution. Her dedication to breaking down barriers and creating a space for meaningful engagement is truly remarkable. – Alexander Christian & Debbie Francis

Emma McAndry

She has an infectious love of mediation. She is generous with her time and knowledge to assist those starting out with less experience. I have seen her go above and beyond both as a mediator and a trainer and I am lucky enough to work with her every day. – Alex Wilks

Emma’s passion for mediation is infectious. I always ‘blame’ my career change on Emma whose teachings set me on a new pathway to becoming a full time mediator. She inspires many and certainly inspired me! – Dawn Stainer

She genuinely cares about the success and wellbeing of her trainees and clients. Her passion for, and success in, mediation has been recognised repeatedly. Most inspiring, however, is Emma’s never-ending support for others, helping them achieve their desired outcomes. – Professor Jane Bryan

Emma’s mentorship and guidance have been invaluable to me. Her positive influence has inspired me to focus on mediation as my future profession. She continuously shows support towards other women and goes out of her way to make sure we are given a chance. – Leyla Shahbazova

I have never met anyone in a competitive business market that is so willing to openly and energetically share her skills, know-how and experience. She’s doing the opposite to the classic patriarchal ‘commercial success model’ of ego battles and self-interest. – Suzie Prax

Frances McCarthy nominated by Ann Marie Lowe

Frances’s approach to mediation is characterised by empathy, humour, and unwavering professionalism. A trailblazer in her field, Frances serves as a role model for women in mediation, exemplifying the qualities of competence, integrity, and compassion. Her ability to inspire trust and foster cooperation underscores her pivotal role in promoting justice and harmony within the legal community.

Gillian Caroe nominated by Mia Forbes Pirie

Gillian’s approach is unparalleled, consistently presenting innovative solutions and displaying a willingness to venture into uncharted territories to support her clients. Her remarkable ability to cater to the unique needs of each party, adapting her style and processes to facilitate understanding and agreement, sets her apart in the field. Her ability to balance the demands of her profession with the responsibilities of motherhood is a testament to her strength and dedication.

Gillian Caroe

“I have never met anyone in a competitive business market that is so willing to openly and energetically share her skills, know-how and experience.”

Harriette Wolff

Harriette Wolff nominated by David Liddle

Harriette is calm, compassionate, courageous, and caring and has secured great outcomes to some very tough disputes. She currently manages TCM’s suite of mediation, coaching, investigation, and leadership services areas. However, I know that Hariette’s real love is mediation and that will always feature highly in her work. Harriette is an inspiring and awesome women. Whilst she is humble and will, I am sure, be embarrassed to read this, she deserves the very highest accolades.

Professor Jane Bryan nominated by Victoria Harris

Jane is a Professor at Warwick University Law School, she was a double winner at the 2022 National Mediation Awards, and expertly chairs the CMC’s Academic Forum. Her inclusive and dedicated approach is helping influence the progress of mediation within Higher Education, supporting a future where newly qualified lawyers are better equipped to work with different forms of dispute resolution that are now integrated within our justice system.

Jenny Owen nominated by Victoria Harris

As a mediator, conflict resolution coach and educator, Jenny believes in the power of authentic communication to transform lives. With over 10 years professional mediation and Non-Violent Communication experience, and a background in sixth form education and restorative work in schools, Jenny is hugely experienced in supporting people to navigate conflict and tension. If anything, she sees the potential for conflict to create greater understanding and enrich relationships.

“If anything, she sees the potential for conflict to create greater understanding and enrich relationships.”

Jenny Reid nominated by Lisa Owen

For many years, Jenny has been a driving force in helping Wandsworth Mediation Service expand and receive significant recognition. Jenny’s warm smile reflects her profound compassion and empathy, qualities that resonate with both service users and the entire team. Her insight and intelligence mean she distils and communicates our mission with clarity. She is a cornerstone of our charity, and her dedication to peacebuilding and innovative approach to problem-solving continue to inspire us all.

Jenny Reid_new
Marie Walsh

Justine Mooney nominated by Marie Walsh

Justine has a passion for leadership development, so mediation was a natural progression for her. She is calm and collected and always manages to bring out the very best in everyone. She has a collegiate approach and helps to spread the word about mediation. Justine is an amazing ambassador for workplace mediation and early dispute resolution and I very much look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Kathy Trist nominated by Frances Blackmore & Liz Kendall​​​​

Kathy is an amazing person to work with. She is extremely experienced in many aspects of litigation. She is friendly, approachable, and proactive at moving matters forward. No matter what her workload and pressures, Kathy always finds time for you and I can’t speak highly enough of her. As a mediator she is robust and pragmatic and will do her utmost to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the parties. – Frances Blackmore

Kathy Trist

When it comes to inspirational women in mediation I immediately think of Kathy Trist. Her determination and drive in promoting the benefits of mediation are second to none. She is, as many others will agree, a real inspiration. – Liz Kendall

Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho nominated by Chris Jones

Kelly has worked tirelessly to qualify, grow and develop a stand out mediation practice. She was counsel in the landmark case of Churchill v Merthyr Tydfil, playing a prominent role in the case with her work and dedication. All of her efforts have led to Kelly being a prominent figure in the mediation sphere both in Chambers and externally, reinforcing her status as a leading, in demand, mediator and senior counsel in mediation.

Lesa Hall nominated by Jenny Walters

Lesa suffered a brain aneurysm just over a year ago and was only given a 50/50 chance of survival. Since returning home she has shown the most incredible spirit, resilience and true grit, not only to restart her life but to combat her physical limitations and return to mediation. I have watched as she has quietly pushed onwards, never feeling sorry for herself, never giving into anything other than returning to full fitness and mobility. Every day she turns up with the same can do/ let’s do attitude and always with a smile on her face.

“Every day she turns up with the same can do/ let’s do attitude and always with a smile on her face.”

Marie Walsh

Marie Walsh nominated by Justine Mooney

Marie’s down-to-earth friendliness immediately puts all parties at ease, they feel safe in her presence, setting the stage for open communication. They are then willing to respond honestly to her thoughtful questions that reveal underlying positions and interests. Her legal insights help illuminate potential solutions that satisfy all sides. Marie’s integrity, wisdom and compassion make her an exceptional mediator. I feel privileged to partner with and continue learning from her.

Martha Clarke nominated by Angela Herberholz

Martha inspires through her passion for mediation. She always makes time for young and newly qualified mediators, offering to share her experience, knowledge, and common sense. She is a champion of workplace mediation and gives freely of her time to charities. Martha is great at thinking of new ways to approach workplace mediation ad is always bringing something new and innovative to the mediation table. Finally, she takes every opportunity to spread the word about the benefits of mediation.

Martha Clarke
Mel Bruce

Mel Bruce nominated by Kezia Herzog, Julie Clark & Victoria Harris

Mel taught me to be a peer mediator when I was 16 and almost 10 years later, she trained my first group of peer mediators! Mel is such an incredible woman. She has always been very passionate about peer mediation and helping support young people and develop them to be the best version of themselves. I hope she knows how much I and others look up to her and take inspiration from her. She always listens with an open heart and mind and gives advice for dealing with tricky cases. Mel shines and she makes others shine too. Thank you, Mel, for always showing up for others and for bringing out the best in everyone. – Kezia Herzog

As a powerful testament to the inspiration Mel brings to those she has trained, former peer mediators, now with children of their own, have reached out to let her know that they wouldn’t be where they are today without her. Mel is a great colleague who is always fun to be around and will listen to your worries and offer support, despite dealing with her own challenges that life can sometimes bring. – Julie Clark

Mel is someone who has inspired generations of young people to learn more about mediation. I have seen first hand how Mel’s compassionate and direct approach stirs a belief in young people that they can make a difference in their communities. It was really moving to witness the trust and respect that Mel inspires simply by being herself. Mel is a gift to the world of mediation and her work is an investment in all our futures. – Victoria Harris

“She shines and she makes others shine too. Thank you for always showing up for others and for bringing out the best in everyone.”

Nickie Verheijen nominated by Ishbel Straker

Nicky is truly inspirational. When I consider some of the difficult tasks and conversations I have to undertake, I think ‘what would Nickie do? How would she table it?’ she elicits the best out of every person and situation she comes across. Amazingly she is not afraid to share her knowledge, naturally coaching those who come into contact with her, making them feel ambitious and capable, all of which she does with a thoughtful approach. When I grow up…… eventually, I want to be Nickie!

Nickie Verheijen 2

Rebecca Clark & Henrietta Jackson-Stops nominated by Mia Forbes Pirie

Rebecca and Hetti have selflessly volunteered their time in support of mediation. One example of this is their tireless work on the Ministry of Justice’s call for information on small claims mediation and their efforts towards increasing the use of mediation in the civil justice system. Through their collective efforts, they have contributed to enhancing the quality and reputation of mediation as a whole, empowering individuals to navigate legal disputes with greater ease and confidence. Moreover, their responsiveness and dedication have significantly contributed to fostering trust and confidence in the mediation process. Rebecca and Hetti exemplify the essence of service and dedication in the field of mediation. Their commitment to providing information and support epitomises the spirit of empowerment and accessibility, making them true champions of justice and equality.

Dr Renu Raj

Dr. Renu Raj stands as a beacon of inspiration in the field of mediation, igniting a passion for conflict resolution and empowerment among countless individuals. With her unwavering dedication, she has not only encouraged many to pursue mediator training but has also championed the cause of creating new employment opportunities, particularly for women. Her vision extends beyond borders, aiming for cross-border mediation and sector-specific training.

Renu Raj

Sabine Walsh nominated by Janice Irvine

I recently completed my commercial mediation training and had the pleasure of learning from Sabine. She is an inspiration. An exceptional educator, supportive, motivating, challenging and generous in sharing her mediation skills. Sabine is committed to helping others succeed in mediation.

Samantha Lowe nominated by Julie Peel

Samantha is not afraid to show her vulnerability, sharing the lows as well as the highs and that if you have a dream, you should go for it. Mediation is clearly a calling for her and not just a job. She has become a very successful mediator building her business from scratch whilst at the same time being a carer 24/7 for her mother and a mum herself to her daughter. She is an inspiration for all women and especially for aspiring mediators.

Samantha Lowe

“She is not afraid to show her vulnerability, sharing the lows as well as the highs and that if you have a dream, you should go for it. “

Sarah Milsom-Gill nominated by Kinda Haddad

Sarah is brilliant, clear thinking and straight to the point while being empathetic which is a rare combination. She has been inspiring in the way she approaches mediation and working with her has given me great confidence in dealing with a variety of situations. Mediating with her has been a great learning experience for both of us. It has given me confidence to take on more and more cases knowing there is someone, whose judgement I trust, I can discuss the intricacies of a case with.

Victoria Harris nominated by Alex Scrivens

Victoria Harris has dedicated so much time and energy to understanding the depth and scope of community mediation in the UK that her commitment deserves recognition. She is about to embark on another detailed analysis of the financial implications of running a community mediation model, for which she will undoubtedly put forth as much research and effort as her previous two papers. She has been an inspiration to me as a signpost, and has been incredibly welcoming in helping me find my footing in this nebulous sector.

Victoria Harris

Dr Zaza Johnson Elsheikh nominated by Roger Levitt

Zaza is a beacon of inspiration, seamlessly integrating her expertise as a medical doctor, solicitor, and mediator. Zaza’s leadership as a Conflict Resolution Trainer, Restorative Justice Practitioner, and Community Leader for Muslim Women underscores her commitment to working within diverse communities. Her approach, characterised by empathy and positivity, serves as a guiding light, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to make a nomination to honour one of the many dedicated women who shape the mediation profession!

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