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Members Come Together for CMC Spring Social at 39 Essex Chambers

Members Come Together for CMC Spring Social at 39 Essex Chambers

Last week’s members-only CMC Spring social was a great success thanks to our generous hosts at 39 Essex Chambers and all the wonderful members who attended. We have collated impressions from some of the evenings attendees who described it as “a pleasure to meet-up with fellow mediators”, “an occasion to welcome new members to the fold”, and a “chance to share a drink, catch up with familiar faces, make new contacts”.
Giselle Green

Giselle Green said: “It was wonderful having the opportunity to meet up socially with other mediators. Having started my mediation career during Covid, it’s still a bit of a novelty! I wasn’t sure I’d know anyone there but I needn’t have worried. The room was full of people I’d previously met on Zoom or worked with in person, including one from Calm Mediation I was co-mediating with the following day, another I’d worked with at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Free Mediation Project, and others who, like me, volunteer with Ealing and Wandsworth Mediation Services. Mediation can be a bit of a solo occupation so the chance to share a drink, catch up with familiar faces, make new contacts and feel part of a community is most welcome.”

Victoria Harris pointed out that: “Turnout was high for the CMC Spring social event. The evening provided the perfect opportunity for longstanding members to catch up and reflect on the significant developments that have taken place in mediation over the past 12 months. It was also an occasion to welcome new members to the fold and to hear about their journey to becoming mediation practitioners. There was much interest in the CMC Working Groups with members signing up to support our Peer and Community groups and also the CMC Academic Forum, which provides a platform to help develop mediation in Higher Education. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to the animated conversations and lively atmosphere!”

Victoria Harris

Tabitha Nice shared her impressions: “Sometimes the small moments that have the biggest impact. Thursday evening’s opportunity to meet other mediators, share experiences and interests, as well as a lot of laughter was one of those moments. It was very kind of the CMC and 39 Essex Chambers to host such a special event. Thank you.”

Chris Mills

Chris Mills added: “I found the evening very enjoyable, it’s always a pleasure to meet-up with fellow mediators; to exchange experiences, share views and just talk – you invariably learn something.”

The CMC team would like to add a big Thank You to everyone for taking the time to come, exchange ideas and experiences, and showcasing how vibrant and active the CMC membership is!

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