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Prioritising Mental Health at Work

Prioritising Mental Health at Work


A big part of whether we thrive at work is our mental health. Emily Lumbard explains in her recent ACAS article that we need to learn how to address mental health in the workplace. A healthy work environment ensures less conflict and less stress. In situations that have already become entrenched mediation can help resolve conflict and restore relationships.

With mental health being more openly discussed than in previous years, employee wellbeing in the workplace is also being considered. This includes thinking about how to be aware of symptoms of mental health issues, to ensure that management are equipped and to handle this employees can navigate such sensitive topics.

Below are just some of the ways we can address mental health challenges at work.

Tools to support mental health

Having tools in place to support mental health can be incredibly beneficial. They allow managers and employers to easily support their workforce with practical guidance and steps in place. Mind has some Wellness Action Plans on their website which can be downloaded, or you can access others on different mental health charity websites.

Creating a safe environment

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, accepted, and respected in their workplace. The best thing an employer can do is foster an environment that encourages openness, honesty, and compassion. This can make it easier for employees to reach out for support if they feel like they are struggling. These conversations are already incredibly difficult to have so knowing that you will be met with understanding can make all the difference.

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