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How You Can Effectively Manage Conflicts at the Workplace

How You Can Effectively Manage Conflicts at the Workplace


Unresolved conflict at work is like a ticking time bomb that can negatively impact career growth and personal wellbeing. To effectively manage conflict, it’s important to develop a plan of action, communicate clearly, view conflicts as opportunities to learn and grow, and consider timing, says Mitali Shah from Cosmopolitan. Are you managing your workplace conflicts effectively? Use these tips to navigate conflict resolution and turn it into a positive experience.

Unresolved conflicts are like ticking time bombs

Unless you’re someone who buries their head just to keep the peace, conflicts at work are bound to occur. At some point, you will disagree with something your boss wants you to do or something a colleague said. You might even let your anger get the best of you (don’t because it is unprofessional to tell someone at work to shove it and will put you in a bad light even if you’re right).

Conflicts don’t resolve themselves; in fact, they escalate if you sweep them under the rug. Think of unresolved conflicts like ticking time bombs. Don’t fret though, we’ve curated a list of techniques that will help you effectively manage a workplace conflict without it blowing up your chances of growth in a company.

Develop a plan of action

Picture this. You’ve just had a difference of opinion (and that’s putting it nicely) with a teammate. Now you’re awkward and don’t know what to say to them but you know you have to pacify the situation. Before you go up to them, formulate a plan of action that talks about a solution. Then, in a calm manner have a conversation with your teammate and explain your stand and your solution. The goal is to get them on the same page as you.

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