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Different Types of Mediation

Different Types of Mediation


There are different types of mediation that can be implemented depending on the situation. A skilled mediator will always choose the style to best fit them and their clients. Read this article to learn more about the different styles and the process of mediation.

Understanding the types of mediation is a vital skill when preparing for and participating in mediation. Knowing how the mediator is operating and what skills they are using is important for the parties and their counsel to work best with the mediator and still emphasize what is an important consideration for them. It is also a vital skill for mediators to possess because while each mediator will have their preferred method, they are bound to come in contact with a dispute where another type of mediation would be helpful.

Finding, understanding, and perfecting the styles of mediation will help anyone involved in mediation to participate fully and come away happy. This article will outline the five stages of mediation. It will then discuss the different types of mediation and how the steps may change in each type. However, before exploring any of these types of mediation, it is important to consider the purpose of mediation and what is aims to accomplish.

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