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Myth-Busting Mediation

Myth-Busting Mediation


“What do you know about mediation?” asks mediator Emma Jenkings from Mosaic Mediation. In this article she answers questions about what mediation is, what it can do and how it can help you. One by one she dismantles common misconceptions about mediation: “So, myth = busted!”

What do you know about mediation? Are you sure that belief is factual? The reason, I ask is because I regularly hear statements about mediation that are just factually inaccurate, so hopefully, this article will be able to ‘bust’ any remaining myths about mediation…

Firstly, what is mediation? It is a process that involves a conversation between people who want to resolve an issue or find a solution to a problem, and a neutral facilitator (the mediator). Mediation comes in many forms – in person, online, in one room, in separate rooms, or a mixture.

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