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Peer Mediation Working Group – Mediation in Global Citizenship Education

Peer Mediation Working Group – Mediation in Global Citizenship Education


In their first meeting of 2024, the CMC Peer Mediation Working Group delved into the timely topic of mediation principles in global citizenship education, particularly focusing on the impact of global conflicts on children. Ben Harper from Quakers in Britain outlined a development journey for peer mediators, emphasising the recognition of skills and experience. The group also discussed aspects such as measuring the impact of Peer Mediation and how this data may be collated. This was Ellis Brooks last meeting as Chair who has generously supported the group with his time and expertise. Michele Wheeler from Mediation Hertfordshire will assume the role of Chair for the remainder of the year.

The year got off to a flying start for the CMC Peer Mediation Working Group on the 9th January.

Our skill-share for members this session focused on ‘how to apply the principles of mediation to global citizenship education’; timely in view of the impact of global disputes on children and as a group we looked at ways to support discussions on international conflict within the classroom.

2024 is shaping up to be a big year for the Peer Mediation sector. Ben Harper from Quakers in Britain shared a vision of a development journey for peer mediators which would recognise increasing skills and experience, with young people being given CMC certificates to affirm their learning.  This development journey together with a newly designed Workbook for pupils will enable them to demonstrate the key principles of mediation and provide a clear foundation for the next generation to develop conflict resolution skills.

It was great to have Scottish Mediation represented at the meeting by Kathryn Hilditch and their new Peer Mediation Co Ordinator Mallory Hybl and to be able to share ideas around funding and future plans.

A discussion around measuring the impact of peer mediation took place with the group agreeing that a base line and follow up survey would be beneficial to look at the value of peer mediation to schools, service users and the peer mediators themselves.  A sub-group will be looking in detail at the questions to ask and how best to capture that data, which will ultimately enhance applications to fund this work more widely.

Chair of the group Ellis Brooks, then shared a mapping exercise charted from our knowledge about where peer mediation is being actively delivered.  This exercise is a crucial step to identify gaps in provision and to support roll-out where needed in the country and to support the increase of peer mediation provision.  To support new providers, Ben Harper reminded of four ‘train the trainer’ training dates, taking place in Stockport, Grimsby, Bristol and London between now and May 2024. For more information please contact Ben.

This was the last Peer Mediation Working Group session to be Chaired by Ellis Brooks.  Ellis has made a remarkable contribution to the Peer Mediation sector over the past 15 years training at least 500 peer mediators and doing much to support the resilience and growth of peer mediation in the UK.  Ellis has also found time to generously support this group since its inception 12 months ago and a heartfelt vote of thanks to Ellis was given. Michele Wheeler from Mediation Hertfordshire will take over the role of Chair for the rest of this year.

Finally, the group noted a few dates for their 2024 diaries to include the National Education Union conference at the Bournemouth International Centre 3rd-6th April where the CMC will have a stand to promote peer mediation; the annual CMC Conference on the 6th and 7th November which will once again showcase Peer Mediation to a wider audience and the group were also advised that the National Mediation Awards will take place in December 2024 with a category to celebrate achievements in peer mediation.

The next CMC Peer Mediation Working Group will take place on 16th April 10am-12pm. If you would like to become involved with the activities of this group contact Victoria Harris.

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