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Dirty Work – Bullying in the Workplace

Dirty Work – Bullying in the Workplace


Over the past 20 years, our workplaces have become more inclusive and open thanks to movements like MeToo and Black Lives Matter. Despite the improvements bullying in the workplace still continues and often goes unchecked. Matthew Taylor from the NHS asks why, and seeks answers to this problem.

Over the past 20 years, our workplaces have changed for the better. The MeToo movement and Black Lives Matter have brought harassment and discriminatory actions to the fore, and our workplaces have generally become less tolerant of bad behaviour. But there’s another highly damaging aspect of workplace culture that often goes unchecked – workplace bullying. As members of the UK political class come under fire for bullying their staff, Matthew Taylor is putting bullying in the spotlight.

Matthew Taylor is the Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, author of the Taylor Review into Modern Workplace Practices, and has spent many years thinking about creating safer environments for the future of our workforce. Despite his extensive grounding in tackling workplace culture, when he fell victim to poor treatment at work, it took him a long time to realise that what he was experiencing was bullying. Anxiety, self-doubt and isolation meant that he never did anything about it at the time, but it set him on a path of thinking about this prevalent and hidden issue.

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