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Peer Mediation Working Group – Building Momentum

Peer Mediation Working Group – Building Momentum

The CMC Peer Mediation Working Group has been working on its agenda with a primary focus on measuring the impact of peer mediation in schools. The group is preparing for a nationwide survey in September 2024, developing a CMC Peer Mediation Workbook to enable students to attain certification, and raising the profile of peer mediation through various other initiatives.

Programme Manager Victoria Harris commented: “This group are forging ahead to raise the profile of peer mediation work and its great to witness projects come to life.”


With over 12 months work under its belt the CMC’s Peer Mediation Working Group had a full agenda to get through.

Measuring impact of Peer Mediation in schools is a top priority and survey questions were finalised for a nationwide roll out starting in September.  The project will be in operation for the Academic Year 2024/25 with reporting on the project planned for September 2025.

Another project, the CMC Peer Mediation Workbook designed to help children capture key learning points from the training, was consulted upon with a final draft due to be available at the next Working Group in September.  The Workbook is recognition that although there are many different training providers, the key messages and learning points are agreed and upon completion of the Workbook each pupil will be eligible to receive CMC certification to acknowledge their participation in Peer Mediation training.

Peer Mediation Providers were also appraised of CMC membership requirements that will take effect from 1 June, noting the importance of safeguarding and DBS checks for those working with young people.

It was great to hear a full update of the outcome of our attendance at the NEU conference in Bournemouth from Working Group Chair Michele Wheeler.  The CMC and Quakers in Britain are currently following up 23 leads from schools who are keen to implement peer mediation for their pupils and educational environments.

Thank you to Sara Hagel from Peacemakers for sharing a new video to promote Peer Mediation and to Dave Walker from Calm Mediation for sharing inspiring stories about the work of peer mediation alumni who are making a difference in their own workplaces thanks to this transformative training.  Watch this space for more news about the impact that these young mediators are having nationwide and their own personal contribution to a societal shift around how we respond to conflict.

Programme Manager Victoria Harris commented, ‘This group are forging ahead to raise the profile of peer mediation work and its great to witness projects come to life.  There is significant momentum for peer mediation which is especially vital with the changes to the Civil Justice System coming in to effect.  It has never been more important for the next generation to be aware of what mediation is and how it works. ‘

To learn more or to attend the next CMC Peer Mediation Working Group on the 10 September , contact Victoria at

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