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International Congress for All Mediations

2nd International Congress for All Mediations in Angers

Nicolas Fournier, Deputy Chair of the Civil Mediation Council, represented the organisation at the 2nd International Congress for All Mediations in Angers, France.

On 5-7 October 2022, the second international congress for all mediations was held in Angers with 800 participants, more than 100 keynote speakers, 15 roundtables and 6 plenary sessions. One of the plenary sessions ‘Profession Médiateur’ was reviewing how mediation has become (or not become) a recognized profession in several countries (France, UK, Luxembourg, European Union).

The Civil Mediation Council was invited to participate and Deputy Chair Nicolas Fournier gave a presentation of the situation in the UK and of the role of the CMC.

International Conference on Mediation in Angers_Nicolas Fournier

Nicolas Fournier first drew a picture of the commercial mediation market in England and Wales, using the results of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) 9th Audit of 2020. He explained how mediation in England has now established itself as one of the most effective, practical and pragmatic methods of dispute resolution. The mediation market has grown enormously and continues to develop, so that all stakeholders are now mostly familiar with the mediation process, making the mediation mechanism quick and efficient and enabling a certain number of mediators to practise on a full-time basis.

As a non-profit organisation the CMC acts as an independent association to represent mediators.  It  has  no commercial interests there is only a mission to develop the use of mediation in England and Wales. This gives the CMC legitimacy to regulate the mediation market and to be the spokesperson for the profession in the UK.

The following presentation was held in French but has English subtitles.

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