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Joint SEND Consultation Response and New Standards

Joint SEND Consultation Response and New Standards

The CMC and the College of Mediators, supported by the Department for Education, conducted a joint consultation on proposals for reforming the SEND Mediator Standards (SMS) in 2024.

The standards were under review by the SEND Mediation Panel, which is a formal working group consisting of SEND Mediation Providers and jointly chaired by the CMC and CoM. The consultation offered opportunity to comment on the SEND Mediation Process, Stakeholder Engagement, SEND Mediator Training, Professional Supported Practice, SEND Mediator Assessment, and Continuous Profession Development (CPD).

The consultation focused on measures to strengthen the SEND Mediator Standards which would develop the profession and contribute to the outcomes the DfE ‘Improvement Plan’ aimed to achieve, as part of ‘The Change Program’.

The consultation was made available to mediators (SEND and otherwise) by the CMC and CoM and the information was disseminated to a range of stakeholders, including the Interdisciplinary Steering Group who were asked to cascade to their networks, parent/carer groups, FLARE, KIDS, Council for Disabled Children, representatives of Local Authorities, Integrated Care Boards, the Association of Colleges, SENCO networks, amongst others.

The CMC and CoM are now publishing the revised standards and response to the consultation.

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