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Community Mediation Working Group – New Members and Future Projects

Community Mediation Working Group – New Members and Future Projects

The Community Mediation Working Group has grown to over 50 members, supporting more than 20 mediation organisations. A special thanks to Enda Young and Laurie Randall from Mediation Northern Ireland for inspiring the group at the latest meeting. They shared insights into their progress in creating financial sustainability and impactful projects. Solution Talk’s Director Laura Kirkpatrick gave an update on the community mediation standard, a project the group has been keen to work on. Future endeavours include public awareness mapping and showcasing the sector’s social value.


The Community Mediation Working Group met on the 30th January, and welcomed eight new members to its 50 strong cohort which now supports over 20 community mediation organisations.

Huge thanks to Enda Young and Laurie Randall from Mediation Northern Ireland for sharing the inspiring story of the evolution of MNI. Notable was learning how a recent change of constitution has aided financial sustainability and how a substantial award from the National Lottery Dormant Accounts fund is supporting the resolution of workplace conflict in Northern Ireland. Mediation and Development Director Laurie also spoke about the benefits of transformative mediation and how that style of mediation had benefited their work in the area of community relations.

Laura Kirkpatrick, Director at Solution Talk, updated the group on its priority of a community mediation standard.   The Group are working to develop an inclusive standard for organisations which acknowledges the diversity of a sector that relies heavily on volunteers. A sub group is planned to finalise the detail of a proposal to be put to the CMC Regulatory and Standards Committee in March.

Potential future projects in the pipeline include mapping of community mediation to promote public awareness and accessibility and further work to demonstrate the social value of the sector.

The CMC have managed to secure Elizabeth Stokoe, Professor of Psychological and Behavioural Science and Director of Impact at LSE, to provide a training session to Community (and Peer) Mediation Working Group members on the 26th June on the topic of conversational analysis and mediation.

Other significant dates for community mediation in 2024 were shared to include the next Working Group dates of the 30th May and 3rd October.  The next CMC Annual Conference 6th and 7th November and the National Mediation Awards which are planned for the 3rd December!

If you have a passion for community mediation either as a manager, caseworker, volunteer, mediator or supporter we’d love for you to join us. Contact Victoria Harris at

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