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Making Mediation Accessible: It’s Time for Mediation by Dana Barbu

Making Mediation Accessible: It’s Time for Mediation by Dana Barbu


It’s Time for Mediation by Dana Barbu is a great book because it is really easy to read and it gives such a good input on what mediation is and how it works.

Most of the books regarding mediation are written for those with expertise in this area, so that many of those who could benefit from mediation are left out of receiving valuable information. This is what makes this book so special: it brings mediation closer to the general public. People can understand how mediation works, what a mediator does and what the advantages of resolving a conflict through mediation are.

The book is structured in 2 parts. The first, organised in 3 chapters offering general information in a personal note about conflict, mediation and mediators, while the second part, also made up of 3 chapters, gives specific information in a Q&A structure. The final chapter is a very interesting and actually a synthesis of the author’s opinion about the role of the mediation for present and future generations.

I also like the fact that I found real life examples about mediation used by known companies or people of public interest like singers and actors.

A very useful book to make people become interested in mediation!

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