In order to ensure that the public has easy access to mediators who meet these criteria, the CMC operates a registration scheme, checking that mediators meet the above criteria (and more).

So, we recommend that when choosing a mediator you always choose one registered with the Civil Mediation Council for the areas that our registration scheme cover. These are:

Civil/Commercial – this includes contracts, housing, employment, small claims, personal injury or professional negligence, any other civil or commercial claim that you might take to the County, Administrative or High Court in England and Wales

Workplace – this includes ongoing relationships in the workplace (this is distinct from employment, which relates to when an employee has left a workplace)

CMC does not presently register mediators working in areas such as family or community mediation. To find a family mediator, contact the Family Mediation Council.

Many of our Registered Mediators, Registered Mediation Providers or members also practise different areas of mediation.