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What is sheep and what it means for you as a member

What is sheepCRM?

The CMC is working with the company sheepCRM who provides a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management system). This system is used to easily and safely manage membership data.

What is the sheepApp?

The sheepApp is where CMC members will be able to renew their membership, review their contact information and access membership benefits such as CPD listings, jobs and tenders, the monthly Mediation Messenger, a skill library, and more. We also refer to this as the “CMC Members’ Area”.

How to log into sheepApp / the CMC Members' Area?

When you are first setting up your new login for the CMC members area please follow this link. Once you have set up your new login details, you can use this link to log in every time.
You will also see an orange button in the top right corner of this website that reads ‘CMC MEMBERS AREA’. It will take you to the new members area.

What will change for me as a member once sheepCRM is launched?

When we launch sheep, you will have to register and set a new password. We will notify you via email and guide you step by step through this process.
Once you have created your new login, you will be able to access your membership data, renewals and membership benefits such as CPD, jobs and tenders, meeting minutes, a skill library, and more all within the CMC Members’ Area (sheepApp).

What will I find in the sheepApp / CMC Members' Area?

You will find the following options in the sheepApp, also called the CMC Members’ Area:
•  Membership information
•  Membership applications
•  Renewals
•  CMC Events
•  Meeting Minutes
•  Mediation Messenger
•  Skills Library
•  CPD
•  Job opportunities
•  Content submission form

Does the change to sheepCRM affect my membership?

The change to sheepCRM will not affect your CMC membership and renewal dates will remain the same. You will be able to access your membership information from the sheepApp in the CMC Members’ Area.

Do you have any issues accessing the sheepApp?

Sheep is a cloud-based system, meaning all sheepCRM resources are provided via the web. If your organisation implements firewalls internally, it’s possible that some Sheep services (or those that integrate with sheepCRM) might be blocked. You may need to ask your network administrators to whitelist the following domains:

What browser do I need to access the sheepApp?

Minimum browser requirements are:
  • Edge 79 (Jan 2020)
  • Chrome 72 (Jan 2019)
  • Firefox 65 (Jan 2019)
  • Safari 13 (Sept 2019)
  • Opera 62 (Jun 2019)
  • iOS 12 (Chrome & Safari) (Sep 2018)
  • Internet Explorer is not supported (learn why)

What Third-Party Systems does sheepCRM use?

I have paid for my membership renewal already, but sheepCRM is showing my invoice as outstanding.

As we are in the process of migrating data, there may be a short delay in payments showing. Please don’t pay again if you have already paid.