Singapore Convention – The CMC’s response to the MoJ Consultation


The Ministry of Justice has requested assistance in preparing for the upcoming General Assembly of the UN Commission on International Trade Law. Discussion will center around the Singapore Convention on mediation and three papers provided by the Commission. Read about the CMC’s response and assessment of the matter.



On Tuesday the CMC has responded to a request for assistance from the Ministry of Justice in its preparation for a meeting of the UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law ) General Assembly. Discussion on Monday 5th to 7thJuly will centre on the development and implementation of the Singapore Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation. The UNCITRAL Secretariat has published 3 papers for consideration:

1.      Draft Guide to Enactment and Use of the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Mediation

2.      Draft UNCITRAL Mediation Rules

3.      Draft UNCITRAL Notes on Mediation

The CMC supports the ratification by the UK of the Singapore Convention and understands that this issue remains under active consideration and that work continues at the MoJ.

The CMC welcomes the UNCITRAL discussions and agrees and supports all of the recommendations and offers a critique and refinement in certain areas. The CMC considers that the Mediation Rules and Notes on Mediation provide helpful guidance to mediators and clients but suggest that further work should be undertaken on identifying standards applicable to mediators and mediations. The CMC will continue to engage and assist the MoJ in its consideration of the Singapore Convention and the regulation and development of mediation.

The link to the CMC response is here. The response includes further links to the CMC’s initial response to the MoJ Consultation on the Singapore Convention and the UNCITRAL documents detailed above.

It is understood that the MoJ anticipates a further and wider Consultation on the Singapore Convention “shortly”.